Browse Abandonment Emails


How do you get shoppers back to your site after they browse and leave? Send them a browse abandonment email to remind them of the products they were browsing, nudging them toward a purchase. Choose the actions that trigger browse messages, such as products most viewed over time, frequently viewed products within the same category, or products with higher margins.


Automated Emails That Are Easy to Set Up

Easily set up automation workflows with drag-and-drop tools to trigger a personalized message or message series – without the need for a developer. You set the rules on when to trigger an email, the content of your message and when to send.

Exclude recent purchasers and those currently in other workflows, like your cart recovery series. Will you send one message or a series? Do you want to send a message every time a contact shops, or limit it? Would you like to send a message immediately, or wait a few days? It’s all your choice.

A Wealth of Data to Optimize Your Program

Message performance can be tracked directly through the Bronto dashboard to gauge the effectiveness of each rule and method. Check your overall open, click and conversion rates, and keep an eye on subscriber loss rates — each of these metrics helps you dial in the optimal amount of browse abandonment emails to send.


Why Choose Our Browse Abandonment Email Solution?

Browse abandonment emails include specific products that were viewed based on each shopper’s browse behavior — but Bronto goes a step further, including recently viewed products, frequently viewed products within the same category, and the most-viewed products over a period of time. Browse behavior is then associated with known customers or connected with unknown contacts later, even if they’re not subscribers.

Why Choose Our Browse Abandonment Email Solution?

It’s simple: We let you make the rules, and we provide options to send messages based on three types of browsing activity.

>Window Shopper
Window Shopper

Send emails to visitors who’ve browsed products across various categories on your site.

email icon
Category Browser

Send emails to visitors who’ve browsed multiple products in a single category.

email icon
High-Intent Shopper

Trigger browse recovery messages after a shopper visits a product a specific number of times in a set timeframe.

Take Your Browse Abandonment Messages to the Next Level

Browse abandonment emails can also include incentives and offer product recommendations to encourage a return to your site. Enhance your email content with personalized recommendations based on each shopper’s behavior, keeping the recovery emails relevant.